O&M Milan _ Barclays

26 Apr

Another client on which I had to work quite a bit is Barclays Bank. The italian version of course.

One job that made me learn some important Photoshop skills was for their website. They needed to create a page for their customers in case they needed help. Not a keen fan of banks, it was challenging because I had to work on the web and know the differenced between web and print.

The task was anyway quite simple: search for the right image as usual (to be approved by the client) and the layout of their contents. Most difficult thing a scroll chart. Never done it before, there is always a first time.

website page

I have to admit that my time with Photoshop has been intense, but also  satisfying.  I had to do the layout and all the parts that would have been  pages in the web format.

Most difficult was to recreate the chart where a customer can fill in  their  information. I had a lot of fun in doing this task and I learnt  more about Photoshop: it wasn’t easy at the beginning and i was quite  scared I had to do it.

In my time at Ogilvy I did more work for Barclays, from event invitations to insert text in readymade brochures, from more website pages to charity internal work.


Pitch to Unltd

26 Apr

We’ve been invited from our tutor to take part to the Social Entrepreneurship Awards workshop taking place at Uni. It was organised by ECCA (see the logo aside). We discovered There was funding of almost £1million nationwide for the awards, run by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and UnLtd (a charity supporting social enterprise), for staff and students at universities who wanted to develop entrepreneurial solutions to social problems, or who need project funding to take an existing social enterprise to the next level. We were really interested!

The workshop was going to provide the opportunity:

• to gain a more detailed understanding of the Awards scheme
• to present and discuss specific project ideas, with the aim of working these up into successful applications;
• to find out more about UnLtd, and the support they offer to social entrepreneurs.

We looked better into UnLtd  (see http://www.unltd.org.uk/ for more informations) to see what exactly we could get from them and how it worked. We realised we could have applied for the Level 1 Awards.

Those awards are aimed at individuals or informal groups of people who have an idea which will change society for the better, and want help getting it off the ground. The money is to help with the running costs of the project. We knew that at Level 1 we could have applied for an award of between £500 and £5,000, (with an average award size of £2,000). All we needed was:

  • Have an idea which will benefit their community                            
  • Have thought about how they will run their project
  • Have some evidence that there is a need for their project
  • Will learn a new skill from carrying out their project
We sat down and discovered that our Waste Food project had all those requirements. So we applied. And waited for a reply.

O&M Milan _ Amex Recurring Billing

25 Apr

Stefano, the account I was working with, came to me with a new brief: he really liked to challenge me! This time it was a recurring billing (never heard of it) always for Amex. Basically it was a 3 part leaflet with promotions and services given to Amex clients. I had to find images that would suit their three different kind of clients: business, regular and Alitalia flyers.

The most exciting thing was that I had to also do vector images in the Amex new style. I had to relate them to the text given me by my copy writer. I choose a smartphone, a normal phone and a car, but also a tv and an envelope.

It was the first time for me that I had to make vector images, and I really enjoyed it. As Lorenzo thought me I had to use Illustrator, the program for vector images. Firstly I had to choose an image to get inspiration by and than make my own one out of scratch.

When I started I did it the way I thought it was right, trying and trying. It was kind of ok, but I wasn’t absolutely convinced by it.I needed it to be better and also faster (I had only 2 days to do all of them!!). Lorenzo showed me the pen tool that literally changed my life as a designer. I began to like it more and experimented more with colours and shape to make the best image.

At the end of it I had everything I need to start my layout: images and text.

It took me a whole day to get it right, spelling, clean and readable layout: for the first time I learnt I had to consider the way people read and interact with what they see. It was really important that for Amex customer this leaflet was clear and easy to understand in the way the sections were divided.

I sent my work across the client and they liked it. Here they are. The third one (for Alitalia) had to be done in a different style, related to the brand new style.

Billing stuffer_charge

Billing stuffer_Alitalia

Internazionale Festival _ Ferrara

25 Apr

The magazine

My dad reads Internazionale magazine regularly. It has a collection of the best articles about everything from every newspaper around the world. He told me there was going to be a festival organised by Internazionale in Ferrara where artists, journalist were giving speeches about topics they knew about. There was a day in which someone was going to talk about food waste and it was a great opportunity for us and for our project. Chiara, my dad and I decided to go.

Tristram giving his speech

It was such an interesting event. It lasted a good 3 hours in a wonderful place and a very large crowd took place.We all had the chance to ask question to Tristram and know more about his life and work commitment.

Chiara and I became  really curious to know more about him and we knew he could have been someone really importan to talk to about our food waste project.

We thought to look more into his website and work done towards the food waste matter and see what we could have used to improve our project.

Our aim was to personally meet him and gain as much information as possible.  It was an incredible day!

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O&M _ The first Pitch

25 Apr

One day I was asked if I had any plan for the weekend… I said no, without knowing what that meant. By the end of the day I found out I had to work all saturday and sunday on a brief to win a new client. Incredible! I was wondering why me, but at the same time I was happy to see how those things work in the real world, and it turned out to be really interesting!

The brand was Findus and they wanted a new exciting and more interesting look to their website. Of course I was there to help whatever they needed help with and to maybe help them with some ideas. Saturday at 11 am 5 of us were in the creative director office all looking at a blank board ready to brainstorm. That was one of the most interesting moment of my experience in O&M. It was really great to see all these creatives get together different ideas, discussing, laughing and coming up with kind of crazy ideas. Apparently those pitching were the funniest moment of their jobs, because all the rest was pretty standard for them.

At the end of the meeting, they told me what I was supposed to do. A game. Help! I didn’t know how to do it, but they said I just needed to show how it could have looked once online. The game was based on art and vegetables. It was called ORT ATTACK (ort, from orto which means vegetable garden / attack from the famous tv show ART ATTACK). Basically it was a game in which you could create images with vegetables, by dragging them on the screen.


It was a really interesting experience and they liked it! They liked the fact that the images I used were photographed and not taken from a website. I had fun doing it even if I had to work all weekend and by monday I was exhausted. Do you know what they told me? “Welcome to advertising!”

O&M Milan _ Office and People

25 Apr

Reserved D'Aura and Giulianelli

Being an intern can be really fun… If you are lucky you can find very nice people you get close with and start a friendship that hopefully it’ll last long. Not being paid much meant having to bring lunch at work. Lucky me I wasn’t the only one: Mattia, a senior designer, used to do the same! It was so much fun.. We used to have lunch together in office at least 3 times a week. We used to stand up, too much sitting down for us!

Here is what he did one day: he called me and he said he made reservation for us. A table with special view: Milan’s roofs. Obviously I said yes! Within 20 minutes I was having lunch on the top of a big drawer looking outside the window. It was so much fun and since then we never stopped.

My desk

My desk was very spacious and with all the conforts!

I had a computer, a window (very lucky) and a big drawer. Next to me Lorenzo, a graphic designer who worked for Ogilvy One.

O&M Milan _ American Express

25 Apr

American Express is one of the main client at Ogilvy and Mather Milan. They do both below and above the line work. In my internship there I had the chance to work on both of them, improving my skills and understanding a lot. There were a lot of marketing material to be done and I was really happy to be working of them, and it was fun!

I learnt a lot about clients: usually the big ones have guidelines to be followed by the designers when a work has to be done. I remember my first work on Amex: i went through a 35 pages hand book on the brand colours, typography and style. It was really interesting for me, but senior designers told me that is pretty sad. There is not much freedom like this, but they always try to change something a little bit hoping the client don’t mind. Here is an example of a work I did, a DM. I had to design it and choose images as well. For the first time I had to deal with “images banks”, where mostly any kind of image can be found. I had no idea they existed!
Following the clients rules was kind of funny. My account used to laugh at my precision!